2nd Annual Long Drive Competition in the bag. Thank you to everyone that has come out!

Stay tuned for possible upcoming events

Due to Covid-19, no ALD qualifiers will be scheduled this year.


Annual B.A.C.A Fundraising event:
Event Registration- $30.00
Re-buy in- $5.00
Event Registration goes straight to the charity fund
1st and second place will receive a trophy for their win
A raffle will also be held for additional prizes

- Painted Hills Driving range is the only 400yd driving range in the area.
- Course holes could be used at:
             Fairways Golf Course Hole #8 - 414yds
             Indian Canyon Hole #10 - 407yds
             Esmeralda Hole #1 - 410yds
- Fairways Golf Course hole #8 or driving range is the location we use unless otherwise posted.

Regional Qualifier: (2021 TBD)
ALD Regional Qualifier requires an ALD Tour Card. Tour Card is $100.00 and registration is $100.00. A portion of the fees will go to the charity chosen for 2022.