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About Long Drive

Golfers for the longest time have bragged to their buddies that they can drive it farther than them. Just like the competition of home run derby, long drive competitions put athletes Egos to the test. You can have the talk, but do you have the walk?


A normal golfer you see around the course will have a swing speed of 75-105mph for their driver depending on age and skill level. Tour pros are swinging 115-130 mph. Note some of these pros can swing faster but would rather have their accuracy than a few more yards. Then comes the long drive champs. Long drivers have an average of 135-150mph. 

Combined with low spin and low launch angles, long drivers are seeing distances anywhere from 350-470 yds.


Can't swing that fast? Don't Fret! Sometimes its the accurate driver that wins the competition. If your long driver can't keep it on the grid then it counts for squat. 

One thing different than normal golf, noise is encouraged. This is a fan interactive sport. We encourage you to cheer on your athletes. Please note though that some courses that we use might still have normal play going on and you will be informed ahead of time if we have to adjust our volume for the venue.



Rules for the October 2019 Fundraising competition will be based upon Amateur Long Drive™ Rules. Full set of rules can be viewed at their website https://amateurlongdrive.com/rules/ Below is an abbreviated version of what you can expect to see at the event.

- Individuals must be an Amateur through the rules of the USGA.

- Divisions include Male, Female, and Senior.

- Male & Female (Any age). Senior 50+

-Competitors are required to bring their own tees and drivers


- All clubs must meet USGA rules of golf

   This includes the following:

- Shafts must be no longer than 48"

- Driver heads can not be larger than 460cc

- Standard drivers bought at a store will be within regs

- Balls will be provided by the event staff

- Players will have three (3) minutes to attempt six (6) shots. 


- Balls landing outside the grid will not be measured/counted